Retirement Services

What is the best retirement plan for your business?

The Retirement Services Division at Praetorian Guard regularly encounters plans that are poorly designed and fail to maximize the benefits for both the company and the employees. Add in mediocre and expensive investment options and you have all the pieces for a 401K plan that needs improvement.

A thoughtfully designed retirement plan is a balance between competing demands. Praetorian Guard will team with you to build the right retirement plan for your business.



Build Wealth for Owners & Spouses

Sponsors of retirement plans are the most critical partners for Praetorian Guard.  Business owners are making the decisions to provide plans and determine what features are in the plan. There are retirement plan options that give business owners degrees of freedom to maximize their retirement savings.  With safe harbor plans, profit sharing options, and testing methods – Praetorian Guard understands multiple methods that permit owners to reach statutory retirement plan limits.

Since Praetorian Guard delivers fiduciary advice, we are vigilant about keeping clients’ needs first.


Tax Advantages

Qualified retirement plans assist participants in managing their tax burdens.  Praetorian Guard believes that a well-designed plan includes both Traditional 401K and Roth 401K options.

With Traditional 401K deferrals – the tax advantages are seen when the contributions are made.  This is usually helpful for more senior employees which face higher current year tax brackets.

With Roth 401K deferrals – taxes are paid upfront on contributions and then grow tax-free until retirement.  Often, junior employees in lower tax brackets will find this attractive since they can use longer time horizons’ to grow assets without incurring taxes.  If ultimately rolled over to a Roth IRA, there are no Required Minimum Distributions during the account owner’s lifetime.


Attract & Retain Valuable Employees

A retirement plan is a basic need for firms to offer employees in order to stay competitive.  Praetorian Guard understands the complicated web of regulations that govern these plans.   This insight is applied to crafting retirement plans that meet your firm’s business strategy, human resources profile, and cash-flow situations.

Praetorian Guard works to balance participant eligibility, vesting schedules, automatic enrollments, and profit sharing decisions that are tailored to your needs.

We deliver education and training straight to employees to empower them as they guide their retirement savings.

Most importantly, Praetorian Guard focuses on low cost investments to drive superior long term results.