Client Benefits

Adding Value For Our Clients. Praetorian Guard is an organization that exists solely to provide you with integrated solutions across all components of your complex financial situation. We are more interested in exceeding your expectations with our service than in expanding for its own sake.

Coordination with Your Other Advisors. We strive to serve you and your family as a trusted “quarterback” for your wealth management team. We will ensure your other advisors are made aware of our thoughts and contemplated actions on your behalf so we can synchronize our efforts.

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Advisor. Praetorian Guard is independent and privately held. We are able to focus our efforts on serving our clients instead of selling the current hot fund or product as directed by some far away corporate decision maker who places the company’s financial interests ahead of the client. We do not receive commissions or other forms of brokerage compensation due to our client’s trading activity.

Charitable Gift Planning. Many of our clients desire to use a portion of their wealth to further their values or provide assistance to an organization or community. Praetorian Guard has the expertise to employ multiple strategies to complement your financial situation while accomplishing larger objectives.

College Funding. We have extensive experience helping clients and their family members save for and use 529 accounts.  These plans have related tax benefits that vary greatly state to state.  Praetorian Guard will work to maximize your savings so you can focus on your family.

Portfolio Development. The advantages for our clients include:

Customized Investments. Separate account portfolios allow us to tailor holdings to your unique situation that may be influenced by assets or holdings outside your investment accounts (for example: rental property or stock options through your employer).

Cost Effective. Praetorian Guard’s fees are transparent and extremely competitive. We charge fees only on assets under management with nothing hidden. Oftentimes our clients find they are actually paying less in costs and receiving more in value than in their previous situation.

Tax Planning. In a separate account, our clients own the individual securities (bonds and Exchanged Traded Funds). This gives us the ability to coordinate your tax situation including financial securities and other assets. The net impact is greater control over your tax liability year to year.

Tax Efficiency. Unlike a mutual fund, you won’t receive a tax bill on gains you did not realize.