Investment Philosophy

We believe markets are efficient and there are no “silver bullet” investments available. Investing is a multi-year and multi-decade process and the benefits of following such a course are acceptable risk adjusted returns for our client families.

Portfolio Development. Our client portfolios are developed only after a thorough review of their entire asset base and are then tailored to incorporate existing non-financial assets if appropriate. We believe the single most important decision we make together is the strategic allocation among equity, fixed income and liquid cash investments. For example, this includes private equity, business interests or investment properties into the overall investment allocation. Following agreement on the strategic mix, we further refine the portfolio to the individual account level. For equity investments, we employ a core and satellite approach using exchange traded funds to provide both broad diversification (the core) as well as the ability to take advantage of tactical opportunities that arise in the economy (the satellite). For fixed income, we believe in owning individual bonds within our client accounts as it allows us to have greater control of cash flow, firm and industry specific risk and the investment time horizon.

Our bottom line: the right investment portfolio, customized to your unique circumstances with flexibility to change as needed.